27 December 2016

Ross River Virus

Can you confess falling asleep at 9:30am suggests 
there are difficulties you need accomodate; well - & 
without prejudice ok, but let’s set th’ record straight 

it was inchoate nodding off while doing crosswords 
on my bed, precursor to normative activities which, 
at that time of day, habitually include writing poetry 

and you can see the latency did come to pass; this 
is that sojourn’s eccentricity parsed into verse, tho’ 
in a word - potentially - thus we may have one writ 

that is not to say any events preceding didn't need 
investigation: didn’t awaken too early, 6:00am was 
registered without a vague, precursor fuzziness of 

clearly earlier yet random recollections - tho’ there 
had been some uneasiness in drifting off after US 
Presidential elections of the evening before, - & I

wouldn’t have been alone in that; who’d’ve wished 
a more unsettling outcome - or farcical potential to 
change future events into dire and utter Trumpery -

but we digress; why did a sleep-need progress to 
the point where it thumped drums of discontent, & 
are we to take it as portent of things ‘yet to come’ - 

in my own defence there’s no prejudice expressed, 
less that one concern caused by ‘influenza effects’ 
of Ross River Virus gripping me - my best take is

remaining on homeopathic prescribed medication 
until its constituency ends; and hopefully that will 
be well before the event of a next election … 
© 10 November 2016, I. D. Carswell