21 December 2016

Only Your Neighbours

Our yokel gun-clubbers were at it again on Sunday; 
it isn’t all that rare an event - out in the countryside 
there’s space enough to accomodate a hoot or two, 
but not for hours on end, and there was a previous 
warmup afternoon; wishing they’d go elsewhere, & 
preferably many kms away to blaze off ammo, is a 
reaction lucid to yobbo largesse, especially when 
that's lots of rapid-fire, double-tap shotgun blasts 

Asking th’ local coppers whether there are grounds 
to complain is compared with being un-neighbourly; 
maybe, is their answer but if they’ve all appropriate 
permits & licences - which is the logical proposition, 
you’d need Council’s noise ban in place to enforce 
what passes for a tranquil - and 'ordinary' Sunday 

So we’ll have t’ weather th’ storm until their ammo’s 
expended unless we’re of the kind who’d return fire, 
which wouldn’t engender peace of mind. But if we’d 
asked where exactly their rounds impact & whether 
we’d be within range, an accurate answer has to be 
probably, but with guarantees okayed by a permit’s

Assurance - after all, they’re only your neighbours 
© 28 August 2016, I. D. Carswell