30 December 2016

Not A Treat

You couldn’t see it a treat to be seated comfortably 
in front of TV viewing the 2016 US Presidential poll 
results as they came to air; well, not unless there’s 
eugenic comfort seeing Mr Trump’s arrogance not 
slapped in the face - but crikey wasn’t this race as 
much a bizarre misère as to where he was always 
destined to divorce reality - beholding nothing else 
mattered but himself in The White House chair 

In any event there’s more to representing a nation’s 
people than defining them ‘beneficiaries’ - and from 
a mission no less conceived in his aim’s egocentric 
pursuit of achievement & greatest of glory - and it’s 
there you’ll avail a fair reward, according to himself; 
but in truth - only after vivisection of its gory detail 

He can’t represent an honest integrity he hasn’t got, 
that’s a dispossession which may well be lost on an 
unsighted population - altho’ one which, for an age, 
the Media’s been mercilessly manipulating..; so we 
sit awaiting the verdict debated on whether United 
States will be Democrat Blue or Republican Red -

Or on the presidential suitability of either candidate 
© 9 November 2016, I. D. Carswell