31 December 2016

Stella Ingrid

And so Stella Ingrid, enervated at prospect of 
buying birthday presents for herself using her 
own pre-paid credit card, then wisely stashes 
said plastic where she knows it’ll be safe and 
disremembers the exact location - it is saying 
you’re a member of th’ same family where we 
find ourselves detailed in predisposition - and
forget respondency to be the ‘moment’s fun’ 

So last-minute decisions run amok don’t they; 
when you’re freed to think things thru on your 
own at your frenetic pace, pressing of buttons 
on key isn’t an harmonic you’d tune to; & tho’ 
you are still assured a role or chorus-part on-
stage - surely you’ll want to play it your way 
© 1 September 2016, I. D. Carswell 

The picture shows Stella's final choice - safety gear
for her skateboard...