20 December 2016

Porting Practically

If it was patience and fond belief then I’ll take the 
accolade - but you’d hardly say I suffered silently, 
and any way you review it there’ll be sides you’d 
likely disport or barrack for, simply because you 
have the right; for an age, I thought I didn’t have 
a leg either way but then today’s message came 
and I’m in with my old mobile number to boot -
blessing which Virgin Mobile finally delivered me 

So I express my gratitude by not swearing aloud - 
eight treks to the hilltop may have increased that 
endurance index one brags about but my legs in 
evidence state it was Hell and porting your old # 
that way’s ridiculous, especially if a no reception 
zone indice separates only wolves from lambs 

But we’re there & I don’t need to advise contacts 
of a new mobile number they’ll immediately lose, 
although they’ll still remark, what’ve you gained
I chose the status quo which is in knowing that it 
was my choice exactly, & altho nothing changed, 
we’ll still see the same future more practically … 
© 3 August 2016, I. D. Carswell 

The saga of a new mobile phone ... 

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