01 January 2017

Sky Muster

Our NBN Sky Muster satellite installation upgrade 
came and went - and without any dramas evident 
until time came to re-connect; it is about then that 
primordial obsession with wifi hauntingly returned;  
don’t get too excited was a caution stressed, as if 
to dampen spirits impressed with its faster speed; 
maybe a ‘single-user-only’ caveat still applies, but 
let’s not Google ourselves into the corner just yet 

Sky Muster data supplied in the preceding weeks 
implied wireless routers were okay for networking, 
but we took th’ tack of an expert IT intervention to 
connect, set up & then launch the venture, and in 
the event thus invested in much a smoother take-
off for a whole lot less duress on landing again 
© 16 September 2016, I. D. Carswell