06 January 2017

Heeded The Call

So I have to agree there’s more to it than I’d let myself 
believe; the toss-away adage, like, it’s only a 24 hr ‘flu 
bug - nothing to worry about, is still comfortably at bat, 
come to think of it, for three weeks at least, and if I’ve 
been ignoring the symptoms of varied complications it 
manifests, I haven’t felt ‘em before’s my defence, with 
a practical, common-sense notion of what that meant 
likened to brass razoo concepts of the Economy 

Well - today the beast played a different role in rearing 
and baring incredible teeth it wasn’t supposed to wear; 
within ten minutes of beginning a leisurely stroll up the 
path I was panting and feeling dizziness of exhaustion. 
It wasn’t faint-&-far-cry-removed from a real warning t’ 
take it easy - and it is thus that I’ve heeded the call… 
© 11 November 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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