05 January 2017

Mace for Midges

Not an afternoon you’ll remember with affection, the 
midges sorely saw to that; they were giving, as only 
they can - their love and commiseration - bit like an 
overdose of rawly applied fan-club accolades which 
abrade rather than trigger ego enhancements; what 
we need’s effusive buzzing - not possessive caress 
ending in rabid itching - or suggesting skin grafts to 
go - but, OK, we’ll spray repellant, tho’ reluctantly  

We don’t need reminding we’re the objects of your 
dire passion - but just heed this - until today you’ve 
only bothered me with your fey discrimination, why 
are you indiscreetly plying my Lady who has never 
complained before - she’s abandoned her Brazilian 
Chair for a safer lounge seat where TV’s available 

And a can of Mace for Midges is close at hand 
© 20 September 2016, I. D. Carswell 

Its actually Aussie Deet, but never mind...

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