04 January 2017

Serendipitously Greeted

You can call it magnificence - something great which 
is fitting or seemly to the circumstance, but to me it’s 
a raw chill from the opened door; yes - there’s some 
expression grandiloquence; flinging open shutters & 
greeting the day enthusiastically, and, all the while a 
reflectively bed-reclining figure dining on toasted rye 
bread liberally breakfast-avocado ‘buttered’ - winces 
at a bravo encore he didn’t call for or imagine to be 

somewhere in th’ circumstance’s breadth of reason; 
hollering, hey - I’m happy to see it thru the windows 
won’t be serendipitously greeted - or the more likely 
rejoinder - your second cup of coffee’s probably too 
cold to enjoy nicely, so why not get up and help me 
hang out the washing before you turn into ice 
© 26 September 2016, I. D. Carswell