03 January 2017


And we enter the next compromised scene of an 
idiocy that’s been too close to disgraced sanity; I 
knew even before it became an explanation - the 
crazy way this random equation ate data made it 
the rationed complacency of a few gurus, whose 
circumspect views couldn’t care less - we’re into 
a new happening they say, you’d have to be in it 
to expect the cerebral change will make sense 

I’d have to query the relevance of such singular 
perspective - either it can be proved without the 
caveat you need be mad to finesse their view & 
find it leaves you of the same mind as them - or 
is that the tweeted trend necessary to be ‘sane’ 
when the rest of the World is already crackers 
© 11 September 2016, I. D.Carswell