02 January 2017

Who Pays The Rent

And were I to say, it wasn’t my problem then I’d 
be in breach of consensual intent which agrees 
potential disaccord’s meant to be aired in any a 
fashionably congenial, or cultivated bent before 
the screaming starts; but ask yourself - why is it 
unwise to endanger an outflow process, if that’s 
what it is, or expose yourself as the target to an 
incoming missile you’re actually already seeing 

So woe’s me for exposing sensitivity which has 
an indefensible need for keeping under wraps - 
tho it won’t mean diddly-squat t’ th’ cat who got 
th’ cream, & irony in that is lore behind legends 
yet t’ be told tho never responsibly beholden to 
allegedly reached ententes by in-vogue parties 

I’d guess endemic silence’s penchant is either 
a consent to contempt, or for more blasphemy, 
actually neither clique agrees who pays rent 
© 14 November 2016, I. D. Carswell