12 January 2017

Tissue Issues

If you needed an incentive to rant - then the idea 
of tissue paper speckled all over your underwear 
should be th’ salutary departing point; so what in 
Heavens name am I clambering onto a soapbox 
stance about; - well, I suppose you recall tissues 
you casually store in work-clothes pockets, back 
when our runny-nose season was in full bloom? 
It inferred readiness remaining in perpetuity - or 

At least until the next wash; - well they’re back & 
spread upon my dark underpants, reappearance 
being advent of a prognosis we’d get back more 
than put in storage - in a form subtending simple 
fiats dramatically; it meant either I ignore what is 
a moment’s worth of sagacity, or wear ‘em as is 
© 24 November 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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