25 November 2015

Farewell To Massey

Massey’s passing today comes hard - she's still 
warm in our hearts; there's vagueness where in 
every other instance, explanations made sense
but here we’d wonder whether we’re castigated - 
thankfully our memories will savour irrepressible 
energy that claimed she was unassailable; it did 
not prove to be correct but its feeling embraced 
all who came into the intimacy of her innocence 

There will be enquiries - & mute self-flagellation 
for misapprehension she wasn’t superwoman in 
deed in an affectionate disguise, - being still that 
lap-dog puppy weary of needs to justify her idea 
of what mattered; *Ixodes Holocyclus ended our 
speculation, she expired gracefully this morning 
© 6 August 2015, I. D. Carswell

* Paralysis Tick

24 November 2015

A Dud Idea

On a day when debate vegetates whether we’d 
need plebiscite or referendum to decide upon a 
gay marriage argument there’s superfluous gas 
adrift in the air; some say it’s unsavoury breeze 
off th’ mammoth guano pile we routinely refer to 
as Parliament where re-election concerns seem 
to occupy an eminence of fuzzy opinion it might 
be distraction enough to get The Bott back in 

We know we don’t need a constitutional change 
as marriage doesn’t appear - so a referendum’s 
wasted space; and plebiscites can’t change any 
Parliamentary option to ignore its deed anyway - 
& we’re debating procedural ramifications while 
the whole cost regardless isn’t going to abate 

So as the People why do we have to decide on 
decisions we elected ‘representatives’ to make 
on our behalf in the first place … 
© 13 August 2015, I. D. Carswell

23 November 2015


Being in love this way comes without agonies 
deemed outrageous; so we are in later years 
than those where contagious imagery besets 
stereotypic etiquette, love fest leftovers to be 
precise, a delightfully visceral sense - though 
simply a scene we’ve been engaged in; - is it 
a question whether investing in love redeems 
itself sensually thru ‘lured away’ diversions 

That was the ploy today, an intermezzos with 
grand geste weaving magnificent wonderment 
meshed in senses steeped to fulfilment’s edge 
and beyond, a breathless tryst with dreamlike 
enchantment etched in unison blessed by an 
agreement we’re its luckiest enthusiasts 
© 3 March 2015, I. D. Carswell

22 November 2015

Heart Beat Eternity

This is an after-love too consuming to be confused 
with post-orgasmic infusion of reflective fidelity, tho
each unchaste state is suffused in lethargy graced 
and honourifics imbued, bathed replete in atavistic 
embrace there’s no room for hypotheses entwined 
in ages of blind surrender to Eros’ senile mandate; 
let the energy pervade, free reign melds ends and 
means into mutual tapestry of seamless feelings 

Justification of who came most ardently shares no 
bonus, pays no dividend in an afterglow’s respect, 
that is left to memoirs where emotion’s death has 
a face you won’t recognise anyway; here its waltz 
pace slowed to our mellowed breathing’s melody - 
embracing dualities of heart-beat eternity 
© 9 March 2015, I. D. Carswell

21 November 2015

Further Back

It is a bit like living further back, but yes, 
you’d challenge the sense wasted time; 
when you’ve been there, done that, any 
inference you’d do it again won’t win an 
accolade and yet we’re here where new 
starts suggest you’re willing to try being 
less - relearning to live intensely in the 
moment you’ve finally recognised 

Isn’t easy - washing away memories is 
like asking palpitations too real to pass 
off as in-style affectations to flow away, 
and yet you need to be renewed; altho’ 
as yet the new you isn’t too different or 
unrecognisable in its structured view 

But there is change; the place is as far 
away from what used to be as its past 
makes that journey much further back, 
& yet you’re here, where you’ve never 
been, & the unique moment suggests 
its exactly as you wanted it to be 
© 14 February 2015, I. D. Carswell

20 November 2015

Meat City On A Wednesday

Far be it from me to say - 'n yet I said it anyway,  
it was an occasion at Meat City this Wednesday - 
there were more folks there’n we’ve seen before 
altho’ my Lady maintains they’re buying meat ‘n 
veg of the day, not supplies like we who’ll fill two 
trolleys no worries without getting stressed by a 
queue - the deep freeze will be months imbued - 
I’m already thinking about the calamari rings … 

So what is th’ novelty ‘bout a bulk-buying thing; 
apart from generous price trimming of its large 
range of cuts you get to ‘hang out’ in their cool 
room with th’ stacks of prime meat; infatuation 
does’t explain that temptation, what you see’s 
cool-room displays up close & very personal 

Hey, we know it isn’t the real butchery bit with 
row of carcasses being carved into cuts, here 
they’re already sealed in trays - but you don’t 
have to wait if you know what you want; that’s 
a positive mate - and the sausages and steak 
are ripper buys if you’re a gonzo barbie freak 
© 18 February 2015, I. D. Carswell

19 November 2015

Ingenuous Measures

You’d call it lubricious rakishness - in every sensation,  
if you were that rash, but he knew that more syllables  
meant less impact, promiscuous indecency, #1 no-no 
with this lady of infinitely ingenuous measures - liking 
risqué play on pleasure simply as a canapé - never a 
lewd epicurean titbit of intemperance, & it wasn’t she 
didn’t know the sybaritic difference in that - but in her 
own refreshingly louche way - arousingly restrained 

If he was a puritan in a licentious age he’d be wooed 
and won when she played cards he’d seen as a sum 
of indulgently stacked and shuffled virtuous habits; a 
restrained smorgasbord of decency too sweet to not 
taste, gracefully pleasured feastings of senses in no 
way indentured to the ways of libidinous decadence 
© 24 February 2015, I. D. Carswell

18 November 2015

Benefit Of Doubt

It’s taken a while for the barb to sting, and an 
age not suffered silently; Islamic State lunacy 
may not seem threatening to our Sovereignty, 
or are we dreaming petty, introverted dreams 
assured our freedoms are self-sustaining; an 
unlikelier, but more delusionary belief, allows 
‘odd’ Islamic extremists in to stay as defence 
of the right ‘to be given benefit of the doubt’ 

It’s cancelled today in Abbott’s rambling brief; 
finally our internal security got a word in from 
the home team, th’ deviants are already here 
recruiting would-be jihadists to fight in a ‘war’ 
Islamic State declared against the rest of the 
World for being decidedly non-ISIS aligned

Our head-in-the-sand intransigence branded 
us an easier fruit to pick, but in a manner we 
need to think through properly; if the radicals 
we see no harm in are plums they seek, its a 
case social media promoting it must cease or 
be surgically cleansed - immediately

© 23 February 2015, I. D. Carswell

17 November 2015

Still Battling

Still battling vestiges of aggrieved memory - with no 
reason to be piqued it says, dust settled an age ago 
and we moved on to where the real reason became 
indefensibly clear; you’d had too many wins to be in 
the same league - so hey, quit grousing about that
claiming you’re a battler doesn’t really equate to the 
actual arena we were engaged in, all that posturing 
melodramatically suggests it was a theatrical stage 

But it wasn’t the real me being judged by a biassed 
& clearly disaffected audience - who hadn’t paid for 
the watching privilege anyway; they had ‘absented’ 
themselves in a search for truth without the crunch 
of being relevant to it, deeming in their malcontent 
shadows all of these motes were their own ideas 

I am not too crazy nor timid to guess where those 
ideas originated first place; look who was making 
statements & dancing the dance of entertainment, 
a mite too innovatively - & look who was sneering, 
bodaciously contemporaneous within their coterie 
of he’s not one of us, is he, usury condemnation 
© 26 February 2015, I. D. Carswell

16 November 2015


You don’t have to see it with your eyes if you feel 
it in your veins - today explains the why of it; that 
sense resides within each breath of earthiness - 
your heritage inflames the which and why of it, a 
panoply of meanings best, a mantle fused in age 
that decorates the spaces left where words once 
were its eloquence - there isn't need to verbalise  
the feelings in expressions made redundant, yet 

The power of it amazes - come what may you’ve 
reached that point where what you feel contains 
reality you needn’t see to be a party to - it’s truth 
displaying what & who you are within as venous 
clarity, a heritage you know like breathing in this 
certainty that runs inside a viscid pedigree 
© 22 March 2015, I. D. Carswell

15 November 2015


‘Nother nothing day but for one event, which if 
you’re an Indonesian, wears sense of outrage 
expressed by every civilised nation; a ‘publicly' 
phrased penalty of death by firing squad is the 
execution of nonsense, yet seems they’re in a 
myopic megalomania of upraising eyebrows - 
an element of disbelief anyone could find fault 
‘slaying’ lawbreaking drug traffickers - period 

Well, I’d guess one thousand years ago it may 
have had relevance & been an ordinary power 
base demonstrating who runs the Law - but all 
of that ceased when ‘integrated’ jurisprudence 
stemmed ideas of a festering rot, tho’ it seems 
not for our estranged Indonesian neighbour 
© 29 April 2015, I. D. Carswell

At 3:30 am today 29 Apr 2015 Australians Andrew Chan 
and Myuran Sukumaran and six other men are executed 
for drug trafficking by an Indonesian firing squad, - 

Filipina Mary Jane Velosa won a last-minute reprieve

14 November 2015


No, don't accuse me of prevarication - I’m 
sane & able to see reason, if its available, 
but a sanity obscured by your insuperable 
smoke-screen’s beyond me; you will play 
devil’s advocate raising Cain & thus it will
so be - shaking your head won’t clear the 
ear that doesn’t hear yet lets the lice free 
to reinfect elsewhere, but never upon me 

And so FIFA stays plagued with ills that in 
no way were caused by me; I say it with a
conscience clear the same generous way 
of any ‘helping’ in the past - declaring it’s 
been for the love of the game - was there 
lots of money; sure, as professional’s pay 
© 3 June 2014, I. D. Carswell

13 November 2015


One of those frigid-finger beginnings today - not 
exactly freezing, although in a way the simile all 
but rendered redundant; why does frost have to 
be evident before we can gaga and blench - the 
nose dribbles anyway; there’s as much wisdom 
in the nose as the fingers, and on a cold day its 
supposed their mutual ‘assent’ is an equilibrium 
you’d have tried to invent to insist you survive 

Tho th' sun has a say, its as a proponent with a 
put mildly, liberal, opinion playing a missing-key 
denouement exactly, &, as such, by rising to an 
event but post the occasion is solar’s way to be 
freed such responsibility - a role comfortably in 
tune with our frigid-fingered accompaniment 
© 5 June 2015, I. D. Carswell

12 November 2015


Okay, so it’ll be another week - like, it’s only a 
haircut and that wont end the universe, or am 
I missing the real agenda; maybe playing to a 
hidden audience motivates these moments, & 
if that is the case, where are they - apart from 
me there’s only 2 dogs in attendance - unless 
I’m way off the point again as you don’t ‘need’ 
coteries of confidants to be in the ‘chair’; - I 

Used to say, hearing any voice is confidence - 
even if it happens to be your own; vocalising’s 
the first step in making plans concrete, dissent 
isn’t necessarily an adjunct to cementing ideas 
as agreed commonalities, especially if you are, 
in essence, doing it your own way perchance 

Therefore my sweet, I unilaterally agree … 

© 8 April 2015, I. D. Carswell

11 November 2015


Renewing an old acquaintance’s like a trail blazing 
rediscovery of old events still not past tense, you 
shame yourself not recalling them too clearly, then 
they’re 20/20 in the face - as powerful and intense 
as that day they came into being; sure - mellow as 
you may’ve become - these weren’t ever bleached 
in the sun of their origins - or re-aligned into fancy 
versions of what you wished might have been 

And you greet this old friend in a harmony you see 
balanced against those ‘torrid’ times when nothing 
made sense; we never mentioned them, no need - 
they filled cavities as deep as agonies we’ve made 
full & frank peace with - & see no gain in replaying 
while watching pretenders deep in their games 
© 8 June 2015, I. D. Carswell

10 November 2015

Eye Of The Cactus

The cactus eradication plan took a giant 
step these past two days - gambled a bit 
on the weather, Tuesday’s cloudy cool is 
rain by 10 am, but with 95% of the patch 
slashed submissively that’s no drama; in 
need of a rest & some unneedled space 
to feel comfortable in anyway - so we’re 
hugely relieved the end’s almost in sight 

The cacti mightn’t agree - and there’s a 
lot of them yet to betray their presence, 
tubers you can’t see lurk beneath a soil 
that appears pristine; - it’ll be two years 
before we’d sensibly dance a jig in this 
dour patch for its freedom of delight
© 18 March 2015, I. D. Carswell

09 November 2015

Unbiassed Indeed

Trying to be objective about the intrigues of a World 
Championship game is never made easier when an 
irritating commentator deems he’s unbiassed; that’s 
bullshit to the nth degree, it’s the U20 rugby final, & 
without wearing a tweed hat he’d be as Pommie as 
you get - yet the finalists happen to be England and 
New Zealand; - just trying to translate any inference 
in terminology he uses to what you’re seeing, fails - 

But we noted that the excitement expressed when 
England had the ball in hand dropped off markedly 
when, in making play, Kiwis gained a bit of ground; 
perhaps his loss of sound contains an explanation, 
was he commentating for an English population or 
simply unable to pronounce exotic Maori names 
© 21 June 2015, I. D. Carswell

08 November 2015

Totally Agreed

Remind me; one of these days I’ll need to buy 
a new pair of shoes - not just anything, nor an 
iteration of fashion’s dictates; crikey the Hush 
Puppies existed back when I bought m’ last: it 
dates me I guess - a bloke who doesn’t weigh 
footwear a problem; it seems less an issue & 
more a blessing - but then you don’t have the 
sharp stones we can’t take for granted either 

There’s the lesson; neither do we, so the pair 
of gumboots (‘Wellingtons’) can’t be sinecure 
to wearing a utility view of what’s worn easily 
when the scene could well be a wedding: ok, 
you say, easy, get yourself a pair of sneakers 
and I’m amazed - seems we’re totally agreed 

© 1 April 2015, I. D. Carswell

07 November 2015


It has been an event-filled few days; could have 
said eventful, but demurred - a trite observation, 
indeed it wasn’t lively to the letter - banal says it 
better as it might easily have been disastrous; & 
it is in a way - the end-point suggests no ‘peace’ 
exists at The Creek from this day henceforth; so 
what the Hell happened you’re going to ask - all 
discourse slumping into an animate suspense 

Not much is the reply - just tweaked a few odds 
& ends in our non-functional satellite broadband 
connection, and - voila, suddenly we could ‘see’ 
an anonymous www hitherto hidden behind the 
jargonist technical innuendo implying we ‘need’ 
an expert to get that connection up & running 

Well bully for me - naive to the crudest letter of 
idiomatic surmise - and denying the view which 
said you knew what you were doing - maybe in 
an abstract sense, but any physicality involved 
in cabling connected directly to my iMac made 
more sense than its IP-confused wi-fi wizardry 

72 hours later we’re still database-updating - & 
slowly isn’t a misused catch-phrase - satellite’s 
make you pay for speed - but the amazing feat 
was managing to get our wi-fi network connect 
back in ‘dot.space’, and happily divested of the 
framework’s unsavoury cabling mess 
© 27 April 2015, I. D. Carswell

Recording the ANZAC weekend saga of getting our 
home computing network peripherals re-connected, 
in free communication with each other & operating 
efficiently on line again - after a three month lapse … 

06 November 2015

Survival Way

I’m thinking the survival way is to be less interested 
in what I don’t have to face personally; I imagine th’ 
distances spaced ‘tween me and a detached event, 
but in clinical sense; angst fantasy - products made 
in over-imaginative defence mechanisms demands; 
its saying this is redundant - you can see there’s no 
personal threat - nor do we need an internet access
to work it out - the event wasn’t even in your face 

As an urbane opportunity brash of connectivity nor a 
blasé latitude to play devil’s advocate freed of peers 
acerbic critique; lacking net access isn’t th’ threat we 
need protection against, its an occasion to be in awe 
of; imagine the freedom inherent in that admission & 
grieve your redefinition of this new-found liberty 

© 9 April 2015, I. D. Carswell